Friday, October 17, 2014

Sugar Strip Ease by Cellessence Review

  I had the pleasure of trying out Sugar Strip Ease by Cellessence. A 100% all natural vegan hair remover. The first thing that I noticed was the gorgeous packaging and the beautiful light pink paisley  covered box. I can tell that a lot of thought and hard work went into packaging this product. I received the 8.8 oz. size jar. When you open the box there is the cutest pink bow on the lid. The jar that the sugar comes in is very unique. It is a translucent almost 3D like design. When removing the top to use the product, there is an additional light pink lid to cover the Sugar Strip Ease, which I thought was clever to avoid spills after usage. Inside there are fifteen wax strips and three applicators.


The wax has the sweetest sugary cotton candy smell ever. To use I placed the jar in the microwave for 60 sec. I then removed the jar and stirred until the sugar cooled down a bit. Instructions say stir until the wax is consistent to that of  "runny honey". On my cleansed skin I dusted the talc powder before applying a thin layer of the wax on my legs with the applicator (In the direction of the hair growth). Then I placed a strip over the wax, smoothed down and quickly pulled up to remove hair. I did repeat this step twice in the same area (which is okay to do with this product, as stated on the instructions) and I had a pretty good outcome with the hair removal.

I then used the Sugar Striptease Soothing Mist to cool and calm my skin. But because the sugar wax didn't irritate my skin, I did not feel that I needed to use the mist.

My overall opinion is that this product is awesome! I love that it's vegan and the packaging is beautiful. The fragrance of the Sugar Strip Ease is not overwhelming and my #1 thing about this product is that it Did Not irritate my sensitive skin. I give Sugar Strip Ease by Cellessence an A... A real sweet treat!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

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